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State match 2

This match was also very frustrating. Going into the match I knew he had a hurt shoulder just like mine. We had matching shoulder braces and had very similar styles. Off the whistle neither of us moved. We both were hoping the other one would initiate action so we could counter. This put me in an awkward position, as I am not used to being overly aggressive in ties. I pushed him a few times to try and open him up to no avail. Eventually I got impatient and went for a left side collar tie. After pushing in for a second, he hit a slide by and got to a murkle. I tried to fight back, but was unsuccessful and gave up a takedown. He immediately went to a spiral ride. I could tell right away that he was good. He kept my weight forward and always had slick mat returns when I would come up. I continually struggled to get up. We spent the rest of the period in this position. He chose bottom in the next period and basically flattened out off of the whistle. I tried to hook his ankle, but got lazy and he turned in for a reversal. He started up with the exact same ride as before. He moved with me and forced me to carry his weight very well. Eventually I got desperate and tried to force a roll through and he hipped in and pinned me. This was a very poor way to end the season.


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