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State match 1

This match was probably the most frustrated I have ever been with myself. I started off the match fine. The opponent was reaching a lot. I was able to get to a 2 on 1, and he took a bad shot. I got into a murkle position and got a take down, but couldn’t get him extended. I was sloppy and he was able to get to my leg. I knew I was able to try and sit the corner, but I already had the takedown and its hard to win that position without locking hands, so I sat through and came up. I  was up by one for the rest of the period. I got in on a nice front headlock, but as I got to my opponent’s leg the ref called potentially dangerous. I was upset but it was probably the right call. I started the next period on bottom.

Off the whistle I felt a chop so I turned in. He went for a cross face so I turned away. We then repeated this dance a few times until I was able to come up. As I came up he kept his lock over my head and put a ton of pressure down. I should’ve easily gotten an escape, but instead I gave up a cradle. I haven’t worked much this year on bottom, and that came back to bite me in the butt. Instead of falling forward, he was able to take me back for an easy pin. I was very disappointed in myself for letting this happen. This was my first time getting pinned in over 2 years. I knew I could no longer win state, which was really sad, but I was on to the next match.


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