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State finals

The state finals were a very exciting session. The first interesting weight was 106, where a kid from my club won a state championship. It was very cool to see, and I was proud of him for it. Next at 113 was a nationally ranked match up. It was a very close match that went to overtime. After reading what people were saying about the match, it was clear how little most people know about wrestling. I heard people saying they were trying to be too flashy and not stick to fundamentals, yet every score came off a basic move and the majority of the match was wrestled in very good position. At 126 city high had our first finalist. Cale Seaton is one of the toughest people I know. He basically destroyed everything in his knee a few weeks earlier, but somehow was able to come back and wrestle. He got a takedown from a weird scramble, something that is super uncommon for him. He is normally an attacking wrestler, and so to win off of an incredibly slick counter was surprising, but welcome. Next up for city high was 182. This was the match of the tournament. Gabe was ranked 2 in the nation, and his opponent Tate was ranked 4. I train with both guys, so while I was supporting Gabe, I also like Tate. The match was incredibly close. Gabe got in position to score a number of times, but Tates slick defense was just enough. Gabe needs to work on finishing his shots and not allowing scrambles. The match then went into rideouts. We got up and away quickly, and we were able to ride Tate out for the whole 30 seconds. Between this match and Seaton’s, I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous, excited and amped up in my life. Next up was Ben. He easily won, and got one of the loudest standing ovations I have ever heard. It was amazing to hear, and he truly deserves it.


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