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College essay #2

During quarantine, I had to opportunity to build a computer. Building a computer was a very rewarding experience that excited me in several ways. First, it required learning about how computers work and what components are necessary to build one. This process of learning about the inner workings of a computer was very interesting and sparked my curiosity about how different components work and how they can be configured to create a functional system. Additionally, the process of building a computer involves problem-solving and troubleshooting, as things didn’t go as smoothly as planned. This was a great opportunity to learn from mistakes and find creative solutions to problems that may arise. Finally, once the computer was built, I had a sense of accomplishment and a desire to explore and learn more about what my newly built computer is capable of. This lead to further exploration and learning about different software and programming languages, and how they can be used to create and run different types of programs and applications.


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