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College Essay

During my life, I’ve been lucky enough to be around people from all walks of life. Because of this, I’ve been exposed to different philosophies and ideas that have changed how I view the world today. These ideas have helped shape me into who I am today. One of the ways I have been involved with people different from myself is through wrestling. I have wrestled since I was 3 years old. To me, wrestling has always been more than just a sport. I now help coach our youth and girl’s teams. I remember working with two girls on different leg riding techniques. The girls were much more flexible than the guys I wrestle, meaning the technique we used had to be changed. Their shoulders were so flexible that we had to change how we used a power half to hold an arm in place. I spent an hour and a half working with two girls on this one move, going into more detail than I thought was possible. Showing them this technique forced me to think deeply about the small details, which made me a lot better at this move. More importantly, the athletes I was coaching learned and improved. At the next meet, one of the girls won her match using that move. Working with people different from myself has forced me to think in new ways and learn new things. Not only have I become better through this, but as a group we have collectively become better.


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