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College essay #3

Over the past summer, I had the opportunity to be an intern at a local cyber security firm. I was constantly surrounded by new technologies  that I had never encountered before.  I became increasingly curious about how these technologies worked and how they could be used to protect against various types of threats. One of the most interesting and challenging aspects of my internship was learning about different types of cyber attacks and how they could be mitigated. I was fascinated by the creativity and ingenuity of both the attackers and the defenders, and I wanted to know more about the various techniques. In addition to my curiosity about cybersecurity itself, I also found myself becoming increasingly curious about the broader field of computer science and technology. I had always been interested in these topics, but my internship gave me a new appreciation for the power and potential of technology and the many ways it could be used to solve problems. Overall, my summer internship in cybersecurity had a huge impact on my curiosity and desire to learn more about technology. It sparked my interest in cybersecurity, and it inspired me to continue learning as much as I could about them.


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