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College essay #7

Wrestling has shaped my life in many ways. Because of wrestling, I have been around many

different people and has taught me many lessons. These experiences are very important to me. 

Wrestling has brought me all over the country, from tusla nationals to freestyle nationals in fargo, I

have learned things everywhere I went. Most importantly, I have been exposed to new people and

ways of life. This has allowed me to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds and

has helped me to broaden my perspectives and learn about different cultures.

In addition to exposing me to new people, wrestling has also made me more disciplined in a

number of ways. For one, the sport requires a high level of physical fitness and conditioning. I have

also had to learn how to manage my time effectively in order to balance my training and

schoolwork, which has helped me to develop strong time management skills. 

Finally, wrestling has also taught me the importance of mental discipline. The sport can be

mentally challenging, and I have had to learn how to stay focused and maintain my concentration

even when things get tough. All of this has been made much harder by the fact that I have cut

weight through my entire highschool experience. The discipline I have learned from weight cutting

has been extremely valuable.

Overall, wrestling has exposed me to a wide variety of new people and has helped me to become

more disciplined in many ways. Through my experiences in the sport, I have learned valuable

lessons that have helped shape me into the person I am today.


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