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College essay #8

One experience that makes me excited to learn is the feeling of accomplishment and progress that

comes with tackling a challenging task or problem. There is something deeply satisfying about

starting with a difficulty or lack of understanding, and through hard work and dedication,

eventually arriving at a point where I have a solid grasp on the subject.

For me, this experience is often tied to personal projects or hobbies that I take on in my free time.

For example, I recently built a computer for the first time. I struggled at first with understanding the

individual parts and working within my budget.

As I made progress, I found myself becoming more and more motivated to keep learning and

improving. I became excited about the possibility of including more complex parts and tackling

new challenges. I also enjoyed the sense of accomplishment that came with each new milestone,

no matter how small.

This experience has taught me that learning is not always easy, but it is always rewarding. It has

also showed me the importance of persistence and the value of hard work. These lessons have

stayed with me and have made me excited to continue learning and growing throughout my life.

Whether it is tackling a new subject in school, trying to learn a new skill, or simply seeking to

understand a difficult concept, the feeling of accomplishment and progress that comes with

learning is something that I find deeply fulfilling and motivating.


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