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Elden ring vs hogwarts legacy

Two of my favorite games in recent memory have come out almost exactly a year apart. Looking at the games, I think it is interesting to see how they will impact the future of game development companies. To start, both games mirror each other in meaningful ways. They have pretty similar combat system and both have good, if hard to follow, stories. I think the biggest difference is who developed them. Elden ring was developed by fromsoftware, a company based out of Japan. The company has been very innovative in their creation of the souls series. These games have become a staple of a generation of video game players. Hogwarts legacy, on the other hand, is developed by a western company. The differences in approach are very clear in how the game works. In Hogwarts legacy, the player is guided through the story and told how to play at all stages of the game. The game often falls victim to the ubisoft model of overwhelming the player with things to do, and all of those things having no depth. While I wouldn’t say that is the case in Hogwarts legacy, the game does certainly hold the players hand, and side quests often felt very repetitive. Elden ring showcases the best of Eastern game development philosophies. The player is put into the world with little instruction and gets to have an experience. While both styles have their merit, I personally enjoyed Elden Ring more. Hogwarts legacy also had the advantage( or disadvantage) of being in a world we already knew. Growing up around Harry Potter, this game fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine to go to Hogwarts and ride a broom. The world they created is perfect, and allows the player to get lost in the same feeling of reading a Harry Potter book for the first time.


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