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The Nutrition of cutting weight

Cutting weight is not a fun endeavor. That being said, there are ways to make it a lot easier. There also happen to be just as many misconceptions about how it should be done. Using my experience I will guide you through the basics of cutting weight. 

Everyone knows to eat your fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, they don’t really help. While we have been told our whole lives to eat fruits and vegetables, there isn’t much provided by them during a large cut. I am not trying to say they provide no value, just that when you are trying to cut out every calorie you can while maintaining important nutrients, some foods have to go. The best approach in my opinion is to focus on macros. This means look at how many carbs, proteins and fats you are eating. Another misconception is that carbs are bad. Keto diets and other fad diets have made this idea popular, but in reality you need carbs. Carbs provide quick energy to your body which will allow you to function better and have better workouts. Next up is protein. Protein has a lot of important roles in your body, meaning you also want a lot of protein. Lastly, fats. They have to go. While they are important, everything you need from them you get in really low levels. Unfortunately they are very tasty, but don’t do too much. They also tend to be a lot higher in calories. These parameters mean that you are going to be pretty selective with food choices. A personal favorite for me is rice and chicken or beef. Lean meats and good carbs are very important.

How do we define good carbs though? Generally speaking, if a carb is less than 20% sugar it is considered good. If you can go below 10% that is even better. Then what is lean meat? Any meat with low fat contents. For beef I try to get 90/10 or 95/5 if I can find it. The best option is normally chicken breast, but personally I don’t love chicken, so I tend to eat beef.


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