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Districts match 2

Given the new format this year, If I won this match I would go to state. My opponent wasn’t great, but I knew he was good upper body. Recognizing that I am very bad upper body, I decided to stay away from those ties. Off the whistle I got to my two on one. I was caught out front though and he was able to get good head position. I tried a few snap downs but nothing was catching. I let it go to work on getting better position. He then took a bad shot from space. My sprawl wasn’t great, but any sprawl is good by my standards. I tried to work into my cradle series from his single but I was unsuccessful. I settled for a hooked ankle and got my takedown. I then worked into my claw wrist tilt but was unsuccessful. I tried to pull him on to me and I didn’t get him on his shoulder first. Then I took the hand behind the back. The series led to a farmer and I thought I would get the pin, but he eventually rolled out. We spent the rest of the period in pretty much the same position. He chose neutral in the second. I got to my two on one in much better position and was able to work for a better angle. I got a snap down, but he came up and got an over hook. I had a body lock and I knew this was a position I should avoid against an upper body guy, but my ego got the better of me, as I wanted to prove I was better than him in his best position. I got my leg behind his, kicked it up and elevated him for what felt like a beautiful throw. I took him to his back for a 5 point move. I thought it looked really cool, but watching the video after revealed it wasn’t as high flying as it felt. I proceeded to ride him out for the rest of the period and the next one for the win.


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