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Districts match 1

My first match was supposed to be easy. I was the one seed against the eighth. The match started out pretty normal, as I got to a murkle position right away. Although my opponent wasn’t very strong, I struggled to extend him. I spent about 10 seconds trying to extend him to get my leg out, but was largely unsuccessful. I decided to just take him out of bounds so we could restart. Off the restart I switched sides into a tight waist chop. I got the elbow in but he moved his hands over well so I went into a cross face. I got the cross face and locked up a cradle, but his arm slipped out. At this point I knew I was going to win, so I didn’t want to try and force a cradle without the arm. Generally this position is easy to get a turn in, but little mistakes can force you to pin yourself. I used the cradle to break him down and then I let it go. I worked my chicken wing series for a while but was unsuccessful. Looking back I need to use my elbow more to elevate the head and force the heel I hook higher up. I wasn’t able to crunch him up as well as I would’ve liked. I also should’ve been looking for a farmer, but I was too focussed on the one move. I rode him out and I had choice at the start of the second. I deferred and he chose bottom. I was surprised by this considering I was close to turning him a number of times, but to each their own. I chopped and got a bar arm pretty quickly. I then jumped sides and ran a half. It was a relatively easy pin. Although I got the win, I’m not very happy with this performance. I was slow on top and wasn’t able to convert on a lot of my turns.


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