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College essay #4

As a wrestler, I always look for ways to improve my technique and gain an edge over my opponents. One area that I was particularly interested in improving was my ankle riding technique. Ankle riding is a wrestling technique that involves using your legs to control your opponent’s ankle to prevent them from moving or escaping. It is an overlooked technique by many, but has been gaining a lot of traction at the highest levels of the sport.  To improve my ankle riding technique, I spent countless hours studying video footage of successful wrestlers and analyzing their techniques. I also spent a lot of time practicing on my own, trying out different approaches and techniques and seeing what worked best for me. Over time, I developed a series of moves and techniques that allowed me to effectively move my opponent forward so I could hook an ankle. From that position I then learned a number of ways to score. I became much more confident and comfortable using these moves in competition, and they quickly became a key part of my arsenal. My improved ankle riding technique helped me to win many matches that I might have otherwise lost, and it also caught the attention of my coaches and teammates. I was proud of the hard work and dedication I had put into improving my technique, and I knew that it had paid off in a big way.


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