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Animals I could beat in a fight

Whilst there are many considerations to account for, the list of animals I could beat with just my hands is lengthy. I am simply built different. To start I will list animals in order of how challenging they would be, easiest to hardest. 

In a fight a rat would be easy, I possess many tools it does not and a simple kick would probably kill it. They are fast and hard to hit, but it wouldn’t be able to hurt me and I can hurt it.

An owl would also be pretty easy. I can hurt it easily and it can’t hurt me. 

Next is a monkey. There are many different kinds of monkeys so it is hard to say in one swoop I could beat them all, but I could beat most of them. Most monkeys are slower and would be ineffective in hurting me, while I can give a monkey a 2 piece. A larger monkey could be challenging, but momma didn’t raise a wimp.

Next is a mountain lion. While it is obviously a strong creature, it doesn’t know jiu jitsu. I would simply grapple with it and choke it out. I would be bleeding and likely very hurt by the end, but I would win.

Next is a cheetah. While they are known for their speed, it wouldn’t help them here. I wouldn’t run away, so its ability to catch me wouldn’t really be a factor. All it’s speed would do is bring it to me faster. Once it was close I could just choke it out.

Snakes pose an interesting problem. Reacting to a snake to avoid a bite would be challenging, but I could probably do it. I would just have to time a punch well, or get behind it and grab it’s neck.

Lastly is a moose. There’s been much debate in the previous weeks about the possibility of a fight with a moose ending well. Ultimately I think it would be a draw because I can’t hurt it and it can’t hurt me.

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