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Cutting Weight is fun

Anyone who has heard of wrestling knows about cutting weight. There are many misconceptions as to why and how people cut weight, so I am here to help you. Now I don’t recommend that anyone does this, but if you are going to cut weight this is the healthiest way to do it. 

There are multiple ways to do it. The “easy” way and the “right” way. In theory, a 160 pound person who cuts 20 pounds will be stronger than someone who just weighs 140 pounds. This depends on how the person cuts weight though. The easy way to cut weight is to wait until the last minute and lose it all in one day. That will cause you to gain all the weight back quickly after weigh-ins. This ballooning is really bad for your body. It will cause you to lose all of your conditioning and get really tired really fast, and you will lose a lot of muscle mass as well.

The right way to cut weight is to do it slowly. I cut 20 pounds last year and I did it over about 4 weeks. Even when you cut weight like this you have to dehydrate yourself. The basic idea is that if you are able to sweat more at practice than you drink, you will lose a lot of weight. Typically the last 5 pounds of a cut is water weight. Per my last body scan, if I were to start my cut right now I would have to lose about 12 pounds of body fat and 8 pounds of water. This isn’t as bad as it may seem though. 8 pounds of water is a lot, but almost all of that is extracellular water, meaning it isn’t actively doing anything. You may get really cold if you lose if, but you will be able to function.

To make it more clear I’ll share my personal daily food and water intake. Now all of this depends on weight, so if one day my weight is a bit lower than expected then I will eat a little more and the opposite. On an average day though, I have about 1000 calories and drink about 4-6 cups of water. I start the day off with a 150 calorie granola bar. I go to morning practice and I have an apple afterwards. For lunch I will eat a PB&J sandwich. Then 20 minutes before afternoon practice I will have another granola bar. After practice I will eat rice and beef for dinner. This all totals up to about 100 calories. It sucks most days. While you can get used to it, you still feel like you are empty at most times. There is one upside though: your abs look really good.


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